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Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting installation in London with innovative home automation solutions for your connected home. Benefit from wireless lighting solutions driven by WIFI illumination technologies that enable you to create desired mood and enhance personal comfort for your home. Our scene lighting solution can integrate different smart home lighting to spectacular effects and ambience, creating a techno swag to suit your needs. 



Solid Rock IT UK can help you plan, design and setup smart lighting that gives you full control via app based functionalities or physical remote devices. If you have an intelligent home lighting idea and would like to explore connected home lighting concepts, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps it is also likely that we already have an intelligent home solution readily available to help you get ahead in London quickly.


Network Design for Commercial & Residential Market Segments

  • Building & Construction
  • Property Developers
  • Estate Agents Project
  • Point of Sale (POS) Networks
  • Building & Achitecture Networks
  • Interior Design Projects
  • Private Renovation Projects
  • Mutimedia Network - Voice & Videos


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