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Home CCTV Camera Security Solutions London

CCTV Surveillance Camera Installation LondonSecure your property with professional CCTV Security Solutions designed specifically to protect your home or office.
Solid Rock IT UK CCTV camera security solutions are designed with technologies that detect and alert you of possible intrusion or unauthorised entry, thereby keeping you one step ahead of the suspects.
Our visual security solutions can be implemented to protect specific zones of your property, or installed across a wider perimeter where personal protection is crucial and prompt alert, a key requirement.
A well designed CCTV camera security solution helps you to control access to your property and monitor the visual aspects of the surrounding, and we can tailor-made the design to address your bespoke requirements.

Professional Home CCTV Security Camera Installation

We can design and implement standalone home/office CCTV camera security solutions using dedicated backbone infrastructure, or integrate within an existing LAN or wireless network. Either way, your CCTV camera security system will include storage capacity and performance bandwidth needed for direct or remote monitoring where required.
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CCTV Security Camera Solution Design & Installation

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